Changing Lives Together

Mission Statement

The Mission of Atlanta Children's Foundation
is to connect individuals, organizations and
resources throughout the State of Georgia
for the benefit of children in need."

  • Unique Programs
  • Our programs are as unique as the children we serve. They are designed to develop lifeskills, good moral character and a strong sense of belonging. Through collaborative partnerships we have developed an integrated support network- you can call it a safety net, call it support services or call it a helping hand...We call it THE Village.
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  • Inspiring Environment
  • THE Village is a wondrous environment - it is truly a testament to our faith and the creative power of God. It inspires those who come to serve and welcomes those in need. We invite you to visit the campus and experience the joy of serving.
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  • Caring People
  • We believe in the adage "It takes a village to raise a child," which accurately characterizes our philosophy. We also know that "it takes caring people to build a village." To support this vision, we invite you to join others who have dedicated their time and effort to help children in need.
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No Happy Birthday

Hard to imagine that some children in Foster Care have never celebrated their birthday

Change a Life

Listen Closely

Children in foster care are three to six times
more likely than children not in care to suffer
from emotional, behavioral and developmental
problems. Many of these children are victimsof
a repeated series of foster care experiences.

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