Changing Lives Together

By Believing, You Can

We have been blessed and very fortunate to touch the lives of the children we serve. Our efforts show in the change in our children. We only want to give them the same opportunities every child should be afforded.

Lives Changed

Please click the button above & experience the joy that we experience through giving of ourselves, our time, and our donations.


Donating money is the heart of those who have little time but sincerely want to make a difference. We believe that donations are a crucial way of voicing the beliefs and value system of an individual.

Give of Yourself

Help a child in need of emotional support. We all need to know that someone cares and loves us. Our programs have many options that allow flexibility within your schedule.


The willingness of any person to help another is immeasurable. We know that time is money, but moreover we believe that time is invaluable in the lives of our children. Everyone grows when volunteers are involved.

Spend Your
Money Wisely

Buying items from corporations is great…
and it keeps the economy moving.

Buying items from kids who are learning the value of self worth and productivity…Priceless

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