William Mortensen

With nearly three decades in the restaurant business, William’s vast experience in food and hospitality has shaped many of the programs in place at THE Village.

A graduate of the University of Denver Hotel Restaurant Management School (BSBA ’69), William joined the restaurant firm Gilbert Robinson, where he learned the restaurant business inside and out. During this time, William was drafted and served two years in the United States Army (SPC E-4).

Upon his return to civilian life, he left Gilbert Robinson to start his own restaurant firm, Brandywine Downs, Inc. William would go on to build three highly successful restaurants; two in Georgia and one in Florida. In 1998, William sold his restaurants, successfully exiting the restaurant business.

Ever the entrepreneur, William transitioned into the real estate business, which is where he was introduced to ACF. Through his real estate firm, William coordinated the purchase of the land that has since been transformed into THE Village. William has served on the ACF Board since 2008.