Whitney Horton

Whitney HortonWhitney Horton is an entrepreneur, performance coach, speaker, author and co-founder of This Best Life. She has deep leadership development experience in several Fortune 500 companies where she led performance consulting and improvement in the fields of Training, Learning Management, Leadership Facilitation, Employee Engagement and Performance Consulting. Working across North America, Europe and Asia, she guided organizations to drive innovative ways to engage employees and build client loyalty.

While preparing her daughters to look into universities and career paths after high school, Whitney realized that the skills needed in the emerging, cross-generational workforce were outside of the core features of any traditional college program. Bringing her two passions together, development and empowerment for the next generation of professionals, she co-founded This Best Life, LLC. The organization focuses on helping others discover and realize career changing skills.

Whitney holds Bachelor’s degrees in Consumer Science and Speech Communication. In addition, she is a Certified Master Facilitator with AchieveGlobal-MHIGlobal and holds a Certificate in Training from Yale University. Whitney has completed several IronMan™ triathlon events and a fur-mom to four rescue dogs.